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Shower Stall With Seat, Bench Or Chair

Posted on May 29, 2011 by admin

As the world continues to shrink it’s becoming increasingly difficult to follow certain practices at home with hectic lifestyles causing a great change in almost everything we do. Technology has been coming to our help by shrinking the size of items of daily use.
But, did we ask for or expected the sizes of houses too to be reduced? Whether we like it or not, the phenomenon has already set in and is not likely to reverse! The ever-shrinking size of houses has surely deprived most people the pleasure of having an enjoyable prolonged baths in those Victorian bathtubs. Fortunately, technology once again comes to our rescue and allows us to enjoy a relaxed bath. We may not afford to get soaked in a bathtub for hours, yet we can still sit and enjoy our prolonged bath in what have come to be known as bathroom shower stalls with a seat, which are available in a variety of designs and shapes to suit any kind of bathroom. Here’s a brief description of what’s already available in the market for remodeling your bathroom to make your bathing experience more enjoyable:

Benefits of Shower Stalls with Seat

Apparently, the most important advantage of installing a shower stall with seat is that it’s compact and therefore fits conveniently in the bathroom and having the provision of a seat surely adds a bit to your comfort level. But. Apart from this obvious benefit, there is more to having installed a shower stall with a seat. Look at these benefits:

* If any member of the family is not too well or recovering from some illness, they can make good use of the seat provided with the shower stall to bathe conveniently without exerting too much.
* Perhaps, the elderly benefit the most due this arrangement. It makes their experience in the bathroom very much comfortable.
* Likewise, you can use the seat and comfortably shave your legs sitting on the seat; otherwise you know how tedious it becomes.
* Then, you also get especially designed shower stalls with a seat for the handicapped, making it so convenient for them to have a relaxed bath in complete privacy, as they won’t require an attendant to help them out.

All these benefits justify the purchase of a shower stall with seat. You only need to decide your priorities to choose one that best suits your requirements and style. Here are your options:

Types of Shower Stalls with Seat

Depending on personal requirements you can choose to have either of the following shower stalls with seat:

* Fiberglass Shower Stall with Seat: Shower enclosures made from fiberglass are the most dependable variety and are of particular help for people who don’t feel comfortable standing for long hours. That’s because fiberglass is a non-skid, scratch resistant tough material. The chances of slipping on a fiberglass shower stall are very remote. Moreover fiberglass stalls are easy to install and economical too. Such like properties make a fiberglass shower stall with seat an ideal choice for bathrooms.

* Ceramic Shower Stall with Seat: Generally, you have to get a ceramic shower stall made, as these are not readily available. That means you can have it fabricated conforming to your specifications and taste. There are a large number of available designs, colors and patterns, enabling you to choose one that exactly meets with your personal style and taste. It is safer to have a shower stall with anti-skid ceramic tiles that minimize the chances of slipping down on its floor. Of course, you may have a ceramic seat or opt to have a ceramic shower stall with a hardwood seat that would surely add to its looks.

* Corner Shower Stalls with Seat: Corner shower stall, as the name implies are shower stalls that are fixed into a corner of the bathroom. Such stalls can also have seat made from any of the above noted materials. You can buy a corner shower stall along with built in seat or you may buy one separately meant for showering as per your specifications. It’s not difficult to guess that a corner shower stall with seat occupies less space in your bathroom.

A corner shower stall may be made from any of the above-mentioned materials. Basically it remains a shower stall that can be fixed in a corner of your bathroom, occupying minimum of space and comes with a seat. If you don’t approve of the seat that comes along with the shower, you have the option of choosing another seat as per your specifications, design and style.

Designing your shower stall with seat

As far as designing of your personal shower stall with seat goes, you have the option of choosing from a host of materials. Budget permitting, marble is an excellent material. It offers luxurious and graceful looks, making it an ideal material for use in bathrooms. While considering different design options for a shower stall with seat, you need to check the size of the seat. That should have a height of at least eighteen inches and be thirty-six inches wide to remain comfortable. Any size smaller than that wouldn’t really be comfortable. The ready to use shower stall seats that you get in the market have that size.

That should leave no doubt in your mind that shower stalls with seat make a really good option for your bathroom. They give a higher level of comfort and take your bathing experience to new heights.

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